Transformational Leadership for the Ambitious

Management Development Programme

This certificate programme is designed to equip business managers the skill sets required to enhance business acumen & corporate entrepreneur behaviour – especially to manager level audiences.

Simulations based on real business dynamics and learning experiences that use case studies, stories and team problem-solving provide multiple opportunities for these learners to practice and improve decision-making. Provides strategic insights to participants to act out and affect real outcomes and to clearly visualize the impact of their actions on the organization as a whole. This “learning by doing” enables them to not only absorb essential concepts but also transfer their knowledge directly to the workplace as changed behaviours and what it takes to impact the bottom line.


Programme Highlights

  • Broaden business expertise and skills
  • Improve leadership competencies
  • Focus on business value creation
  • Instigating creativity and innovation
  • Developing entrepreneurial mindsets
  • Explore unique options to build sustainability
  • Building new business models
  • Analyzing and understanding future industry trends
  • Strategic direction setting
  • Leveraging technology to create strategic advantage
  • Creating collaborative cultures
  • Data mining for strategic initiatives
  • Creating digital and social media strategy
  • Developing future leaders
  • Understanding business financial models

The programme aims to create business savvy managers making faster and better decisions, aligns everyone around a common language, provides clarity of purpose and shows them how to leverage all their skills to strengthen the company performance.