What Our Client Say

Archana Law
 Colombo Leadership Academy portfolio of executive development and management programs provides direction to develop principled, innovative leaders and to generate ideas that advance leadership in action, address the Sri Lankan business needs and localize some of the best global practices. It is my privilege to be associated with CLA.  
Niroshi Siriwansa
 Our association with CLA started with a wide array of subject areas, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence to different levels of audiences. Very impressed by the way the programs were delivered by CLA faculty, the wealth of knowledge they share, expertise of the faculty and consistency of the mode of delivery. Colombo Leadership Academy clearly stands out simply due to the excellent work done by the team and CLA is unique in all aspects and I strongly recommend to all who seek leadership and personal transformation to attend their programs as it is life changing.  
Andy Ng
 The Colombo Leadership program is one of the best executive leadership programs that I have ever attended in all these years. Coming from a developed learning and development market like Singapore, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed that the programs conducted in Sri Lanka are comparable, if not better, than many of such similar programs in Singapore and the region. Not only were the participants treated to world-class speakers and experts in the fields of leadership and management, the facilitators also did a very good job in getting the participants to share their experiences in the round table sessions. I particularly like the part on Coaching and the use of heart in our dealings with people. If anyone needs any suggestion on what programs to attend for 2015 and beyond, Colombo Leadership Academy is my first choice. I strongly recommend people to consult them as what they offer you will far exceed your expectations